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Illustrated by Grace Tessein and constructed by Dennis Ritter, Sugar Jaws Pottery uses a variety of patterns and floral designs paired with animal and human imagery to adorn handbuilt and thrown functional wares for the everyday. 


Named after our first rescue dog, the work is a playful tangent from our sculptural ceramic work. Sharing the process has allowed us to rely on each other’s critical eye, take advantage of our individual strengths, and to divide the work. We strive to make a well made product yet embrace the evidence of the hand in each piece. We want the pots to be used, so we make them with function in mind and use a durable midrange earthenware. The illustrations, patterns, and colors are carefully chosen for a sense of whimsy and curiosity. Humans often have a special relationship with particular animals; a chance encounter with a wild creature, a beloved pet, or a common pest that pulls at our hearts can make a pot special to an individual. The florals and patterns are often inspired from vintage fabric and print. 


don't die pour over
don't die jar
skeleton mug
Skeletal cups
Sparrow mug
Mutt Cups
Hare lunch plate
Florence Bracaglia
Stacey Abrams
owl mug
Bud vase with salt and pepper caddy
Otter Bowl
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